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Whey Protein shakes have for many years been my preferred form of supplemental protein. Whey protein is unsurpassed in terms of its biological value and furthermore has my vote when it comes to taste and texture. Just one sip of a Fully Dosed Gourmet Whey protein shake, in my opinion, gives testimony to that! Notwithstanding its protein quality and palatability advantages, one of the main reasons whey protein has had my favour over the yeas is its contribution to a healthy immune system, which along with my recovery from training has always been something very important to me. With the coronavirus pandemic currently causing global concern, there has perhaps never been a better time to give extra thought to boosting our immune systems. 3 of my daily supplement staples, which not only contribute significantly to my physique and fitness goals but to my health and immunity goals too, are Fully Dosed’s Performance Nutri Packs (daily multi nutrient pack with omegas, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc), L-Glutamine & Whey Protein.  


Our immune system works to protect us from attack by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungal pathogens and viruses. Our skin and mucous membranes are our body’s first line of defence and when these barriers are breached our body triggers an immune response e.g. antibody production. The stronger our immune system the more effective our immune response is at warding off infection. Good nutrition provides the foundation to a healthy immune system and as our immune system (white blood cells, antibodies etc) is built from protein derived amino acids, a good source of high quality amino acids in the diet is essential to optimising immunity. When it comes to protein and amino acid quality, whey protein is unsurpassed as a protein source. Furthermore whey protein has been shown to provide immunoenhancing benefits beyond the supply of essential amino acids. As an example whey protein helps restore and maintain glutamine and glutathione levels in bodily tissues; glutathione being a key component of the body’s cellular antioxidant defence system and regulator of many aspects of immune function, whilst glutamine is our immune systems primary fuel source. Considerate of it superior biological value, excellent amino acid profile, high bioavailability & immune supportive properties . . . not to mention great taste, whey protein is one supplement that is certain to remain a daily staple of mine!







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