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Not only is glutamine a key amino acid in muscle recovery but it is also the preferred fuel source for our immune system. Glutamine is rapidly consumed by our immune system and is required to support white blood cells (e.g. lymphocytes ) proliferation, which is integral to optimal immune function. Our plasma and muscle glutamine levels are lowered by infection, injury and intense exercise. During intense workouts or endurance training sessions, L-Glutamine is depleted, which can lead to a weakened immune system. Lowered plasma glutamine concentration contribute to immunosuppression and studies have shown that inclusion of glutamine in the diet increases resistance to microbial attack. Supplementing with L-Glutamine is thus not only beneficial for enhancing muscle recovery but can also help ensure that adequate levels of this crucial amino acid are available for the immune system to function optimally. Furthermore because muscle tissue is the main place where glutamine is produced and stored, people with low muscle mass, such as the elderly, may be at risk of glutamine deficiency when the body faces illness or infection. Give your muscle and immunity a little extra support with Fully Dosed pure pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine! Whether it’s taken as a preventative measure to maintain healthy immunity or to actively support muscle recovery, glutamine is a powerful amino acid that’s up for the challenge.

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