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During the last two years our team has been focused on building our capacity to deliver world-class products and service, all in-house! It's been an incredible journey thus far, but we are just getting started!

I intend to stay in touch with you far more regularly going forward, but I know we are all busy people, so I will keep it brief, informative and hopefully of value to you. These blogs will include training plans or workouts, nutrition advice, supplement information, and special offers which I believe could assist you in achieving your body goals.

As this is our first blog, I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about our sports nutrition range, Fully Dosed.

Dedicated to building better bodies, passionate about preserving our planet

The idea of Fully Dosed was born in 2016 when I decided to oppose growing trends in this industry that I am passionate about and have been highly and competitively involved in for decades. This trend was the growth of health, sport, and fitness-related nutritional products that either had no scientific support around their effectiveness or products that did not contain what they claimed to on the label.

These products listed or marketed ingredients that are scientifically known to be effective, however, these ingredients were then being added to these products at doses which were not effective, purely to mislead consumers and maximize the product profitability. Having come from a scientific background as a microbiologist, I was acutely aware of this.

Fully Dosed was then created to be the complete opposite to this trend which so many consumers were unknowingly buying in to. Fully Dosed set out to create products based on ingredients and doses which have been scientifically proven to be effective, to create an authentic brand that is also environmentally considerate.

We are not about over-promising, flashy marketing, hype, or buzzwords. We are simply about creating effective, highest quality and maximum value products that are used to assist consumers with achieving their health and fitness, performance and body goals. Equally so, we are committed to contributing towards the well-being and conservation of our planet by being aware and proactive about the environmental changes in the world; and more directly, within our industry. We are staying true to this commitment through our decision to minimize the quantity of plastic in our packaging and we will continue to be a positive change going forward.

I personally use every one of our products because this isn’t just a business to me, I live this!

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I am looking forward to us going on this journey together!

Mario van Biljon









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